Mary's Monster

Welcome to Mary's Monster's Submissions page.


As of October 31st, 2017 Mary’s Monster is accepting submissions. Mary’s Monster cares most about stories. We don’t put a limit on genre; what we’re looking for are comics that fit our visual style and narrative focus. Adapting the history of a heiress tormented by ghosts who compulsively expands her house? Writing a suspenseful comic that follows someone constantly five feet away from a serial killer? What about a children’s comic that trips through psychedelic alien abductions? Your story might be a perfect fit for us. 

We publish smart, fun, and thoughtful books and webcomics.

Mary’s Monster features supportive editorial and looks to foster a collaborative publishing environment. 


How can I submit my comic?

All Hiveworks submissions are reviewed for a potential offer from Mary’s Monster, but you can pitch to us directly.  Existing comics (over 50 pages or having run for longer than a year) should email a query letter to You may include samples or supplementary materials.

You can also mail materials directly to our office. If you would like a written reply, you must include a self-addressed envelope with postage. Our mailing address is: 

Mary’s Monster
411 NW Flanders St #100
Portland, OR 97209

New comics should conform to 'new comic submissions' guidelines at Hiveworks and be sent to

Showcase Submissions

Comics between 1-34 pages may submit to the Artist Showcase. Fill out and submit the form below to apply. All comics are paid and contracted. You must own the rights to whatever you submit.